A written text says a lot about you and they can make the difference between gaining professional and personal opportunities or loosing them. If you want to make a good impression and meet your goals through written texts such as brochures, leaflets, websites, marketing material, articles, etc. it is essential to use the appropriate tone, a perfect spelling, a good style and a consistent format.

I revise and correct Spanish texts with different purposes and formats:

  1. Advertising texts, leaflets, brochures

  2. Reports, business letters, commercial offers

  3. Websites

  4. Press releases

  5. Academic papers

Review and correction tasks include:

  1. Revision of format: consistency of fonts, alignments, spacing, etc.

  2. Spelling review

  3. Revision of grammar, punctuation

  4. Style and appropriateness

Rodrigo Traducciones. Translation and proofreading of texts, apps and websites. Valencia, Spain.

Technical texts

Installation, operating and safety instructions, maintenance manuals, description of products, technical specifications. Production lines and equipments, electrical appliances, etc.

Business and marketing

Presentations, corporate documents and reports, newsletters, internal bulletins, press releases, product catalogues, leaflets, flyers, sales and marketing material, etc.

Apps, software, websites

We work together with a developer during the translation of apps, websites and software to guarantee the highest technical management and provide the best localisation service to our costumers.

We know how important are the SEO technics to drive traffic to your website. For that reason we apply SEO criteria to optimise your website positioning also in the translated version.

Tourism and sports

Tourism leaflets and brochures, holiday guides, travel guides, restaurant menus, hotel descriptions, etc.

Outdoor and leisure activities: description  of the activities, instructions for participants, equipment, safety rules, etc.

General texts

Texts about any topic without a high degree of specialisation.

Proofreading services

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